If you are a current smoker, be it tobacco cigarettes, cigars, or marijuana, and it is causing you to have some health issues, then it’s time for you to take action and consider healthier options. As you probably already know smoking and wheezing can often go together. There’s no reason why you can’t seek relief and have healthier lungs and a stronger heart by making some beneficial lifestyle changes. If your choice is to continue to smoke for pleasure, learn to do so in moderation and you should notice some benefit.

Smoking and wheezing – Smoking often causes related health concerns including lung and heart damage. Wheezing and coughing occurs when the nicotine contained in tobacco smoke brings about changes in the linings between the lung’s air sacs. Air becomes trapped in the affected pockets which makes it more difficult to breathe out. When your air intake becomes compromised, you tire more quickly, and you can soon need to rest. The stressed lungs may try to compensate by enlarging and making the problem more critical.

Learn To Relax

Enjoy a self-help, motivational tape on methods of meditation, or take a class if you decide. Encourage yourself on your positive decision to moderate or stop smoking, and enjoy the extra energy you have from doing so. Each new day with less smoking and wheezing is a positive experience.

Choose Nutrient-Dense Whole Foods

Buy a juicer and experiment with some new recipes for healthy raw juice drinks. It’s time to repair and strengthen damaged cells, and proper nutrition is top priority. Add some foods that are high in Vitamin C for regeneration and repair of heart muscle and lung tissue. When heat is applied to this vitamin, it destroys much of the nutritional content, so raw is always better.

Now that you know a little more about the connection between smoking and wheezing as a result of your choice to smoke, it’s up to you to take charge and instigate positive change for your health.